January 2023 Grading Reform Presentation CCSD – LWJES

Conferences Grading Information Letter

LWJES, along with CCSD, began implementing grading reform during the 2021-2022 school year.  This means that some components of the grading system will remain the same and some parts will be different.  It is very important that parents and guardians not expect that elementary school grades today are the same as when they went to elementary school.  We appreciate everyone approaching the grading system with a fresh pair of eyes and open minds.

There are three categories for grades that you might see in the grade book.

Not for Grade (0%)This is something that the teacher has recorded as information only in the grade book.  This grade will not be calculated in the final grade.
Formative (0%)This is a grade that the teacher records as a check for understanding as a unit of study progresses.  This grade will not be calculated in the final grade but is an important landmark on the path to mastery of a standard.
Summative (100%)This is a grade that the teacher records at the end of a unit of study as a measure of mastery of an objective and/or standard.  Only summative grades will be calculated in the final grade as summative assessments are tests of student understanding and ability (i.e., mastery).

Think of items in the Not for Grade and Formative categories as the same as a sport or music practice.  These are opportunities for students to learn and grow.  In this example, the Summative category would be tasks like a sporting match or a musical performance.  This is the opportunity for students to apply what they have learned and practiced and to show what they have achieved.

As another example, think of the Not for Grade and Formative categories as stops on a road trip to a destination.  These categories are the preparations for the trip and things that have to happen along the way.  They are very important, but they are not the intended outcome of the road trip.  In this example, the Summative category would be reaching the destination and putting all the planning and travel in action by enjoying the destination.

Grade Books

You may notice that at this time, and even throughout Semester 1, that your child has mostly Not for Grade and Formative tasks in the grade book.  This is to be expected as many of the standards students are to master in elementary school are expected to be mastered later in the school year.  

Teachers will record a single Summative task for each objective and/or standard in the grade book rather than multiple Summative tasks for any given standard/objective.  

  • Should a student not demonstrate mastery of a Summative task on the initial task, teachers will monitor for improvement in the future and update the grade when a student demonstrates improved mastery.  
  • A parent/guardian or student may request a reassessment opportunity if the student has gained improved understanding and application of skills since the task was originally completed.

You may see different marks in the grade book.  Here are the definitions of several marks:

  • If you see a mark of “L” in the grade book, your child has not turned in a task and needs to complete it as soon as possible and turn it in as it is currently considered LATE.  This mark does not count against the student.
  • If you see a mark of “M” in the grade book, your child did not turn in a task within a week of it being due and the task is now considered MISSING.  This calculates at 50% in the grade book.
  • If you see a mark of “MinF” in the grade book, your child earned a score that is less than 50% and the minimum score of 50% has been entered.  This is a component of the equity grading scale.

Reassessment Information

If you would like to make a request for a reassessment consideration, please complete THIS FORM and turn it in to your child’s teacher. Reassessments are for summative items only.

Semester 1 Report Card Letter Information

We are distributing hard copies of the first semester report cards for your review.  You can also access report card information in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  There is no need to sign and return any of these documents; please keep them at home for your reference.

It is very important for families to know that the grades listed for Semester 1 are not final grades.  As students are expected to learn throughout the year, final grades for Semester 2 may change significantly from the grades listed for Semester 1.  Semester 1 grades in many subjects are based on limited summative grades based on what students have already been expected to master.  The second semester will include many more summative grades that will significantly impact each student’s final grade.  Please continue to monitor your child’s progress during Semester 2 by regularly checking the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and by communicating with your child’s teacher. 

In addition to the report card, your child’s report from MAP Growth and STAR are being included for your review.  These reports provide information about the most recent test sessions for your child, including a comparison to students across the nation.  Be sure to review the information about both achievement and growth AND consider them with other sources of student progress.  You can use these reports to gain additional insight into your child’s academic progress along with their classwork and grades.  Please remember that these test results are from a single point in time and need to be seriously reviewed in combination with all the available information about a student as a learner.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher.