Campus Information for February 6, 2024

Our school’s MPR is a Clark County voting center on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, and school is open as usual. With this special day, there will be some operational changes for the day.

  • The bell schedule will be the same, but student entry will be slightly different.  Students will still enter through the front door, but they will head right to the hallway rather than the MPR.
  • Students having breakfast will go to Room 27 to pick up their breakfast and then they will be eating breakfast in their classroom.  Students not having breakfast will go to their classroom as usual.
  • School lunch will be available, but it will be a sack lunch with a sandwich and sides rather than the planned menu.  Students having lunch from school will pick up their lunch and then all students will have lunch in their classroom rather than the MPR.
  • Safekey will be in Room 45 for before- and after-school sessions.  If your child is utilizing Safekey on Tuesday, please go right to Room 45 rather than the MPR.  To access Room 45, head toward the west side of the building and enter the gate between the building and the portables.  Safekey will return to the MPR for Wednesday morning.
  • Dismissal for buses and pick up will run as usual.
  • The Multipurpose Room will be the location for the Clark County voting center, and it will not be available for use that day.
  • We appreciate your flexibility and understanding!