Dismissal Updates for 8/8/2023

After today’s initial dismissal following our new dismissal procedure, we would like to let families know additional information for procedures that will start on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.  We know that this change is challenging, and we appreciate your patience as we refine our procedures.  CCSD Emergency Management directed our school this year to close the campus during dismissal in addition to having a closed campus during arrival.

Starting on August 8, 2023, Kindergarten students getting picked up will have their own gate for pick up.  This gate will be located east of the basketball gates on Mardon by the trees on the grass field.  Older siblings will join the kindergarteners at this gate at dismissal time.

For students in Grades 1-5, we will utilize the same gates as planned.  Please be patient as the lines proceed to the gate during dismissal.

  • For those picking up children, please park your vehicle and walk to the gate area to meet your child.  Please do not call students to go through the gate to meet you on the street.
  • You may wish to set up a meeting point and have your child walk to meet you at that point.  If this is the case, please communicate with your child’s teacher via Class Dojo as soon as possible so teachers know who to dismiss as a student who will be walking.

We will continue to revise and update our procedures for dismissal as needed.  Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.