MAP Assessments Next Week

Dear LWJES Families,

We will be spending much of next week preparing for and conducting the MAP Growth test at home.  This will be a new experience for both our school and our students and families, and we appreciate all your support as we start this process! 

Following is some information to get everyone ready:

Schedules Changing for Tuesday-Friday

Monday (9/14/2020) will follow the regular daily schedule.  For Tuesday through Friday (9/15-18/2020), a modified schedule will be in place to allow students time to focus on doing their best on the MAP Growth test.  K-2 will take the test in the mornings and 3-5 will take the test in the afternoons.  Tuesday will be the day for the final readiness checks for technology and for a practice test.  Wednesday will be the reading test.  Thursday will be the math test.  Friday will be available for make-ups and for students who might need to finish up the test.  We have asked teachers not to assign additional independent tasks after Monday.  Independent student activities from specialists will be available for students who wish to access them Tuesday-Friday in Canvas.  The independent times for students may be used to complete any work left to finish from previous days.  Our focus will be putting energy toward the MAP Growth tests!

Requested Assistance from Families

Your assistance is requested and needed!  Students may need assistance with logging into the test and they may have questions about what to do to answer a question.  Please do not give your child the answers to the questions.  Rather, encourage students to make their best answer if something pops up that they do not yet know.  The goal of the MAP Growth test is to see what students already know and what they are ready to learn next.

Information for Families

We have gathered informational flyers and videos that provide additional information and details on the LWJES Online website.  Please go to the Information Center to view the flyers and videos available in English and Spanish.Visit the Information Center on LWJES Online at

More Information To Come

We will share more information about the MAP Growth test early next week.  We are looking forward to students working on these tests and then using the information that comes from the test to guide student learning over the upcoming months.