2020-2021 Supply List Information

Please see the 2020-2021 Supply List for details about supplies for the upcoming school year. You will note that there are three (3) groups of supplies: homework supplies, classroom supplies, and around campus supplies.

Many families already have supplies for working on school work at home. We recommend gathering these supplies into one area for convenient use when working on homework!

The classroom list of supplies (K-5) includes supplies for individual students and supplies for the room. Please see the list for your child’s grade level in the upcoming year for specific items.

The list of supplies for moving around campus are to ensure that the amount of shared supplies is minimized as much as possible. In the past, places like the library provided supplies for students to use throughout the day. With health guidance changing regularly, we are moving toward a model of students having a dedicated pouch of supplies they can use for when they move around campus that is handy and reserved for those uses in a “grab-and-go” fashion while reducing the need for shared supplies around campus.

We recognize that having various groups of supplies is a change from previous years, and we greatly appreciate your flexibility and understanding! Don’t forget to check your child’s supplies from the current school year for supplies that can be used in the next school year.

Please continue to monitor this website and the CCSD website for information about the 2020-2021 school year throughout the summer.

2020-2021 Supply List