Playground Information

As always, we want to keepĀ  you informed of important issues happening within our school community.

Due to the importance of school safety, we wanted to let you know that some portions of our playground have been closed until the appropriate repairs can take place. The impacted areas are limited to the areas around the equipment under the blue fabric shade structures. All other areas of the school yard remain available, including the field, court areas (basketball, tetherball, 4-square, hopscotch), areas for hula hooping and jump roping, and the restrooms. Shade and seating areas remain available under the small shade structures and along the building. We want you to know that the school will continue to provide recess and physical education time for our students.

Repairs to our playground areas have been in the works for several months and they have already been approved, and these projects should commence later this month. At this time, we do not have a timetable with specific dates for these projects to take place. As a result, the closure of these areas will be in effect until the repairs are made and inspected for safety prior to children being allowed in these areas. We will send out additional communication when we have a timetable for this work to occur.

In addition, we ask that family members avoid the areas under the blue shade structures during morning ceremony and during after-school pickup. This ensures everyone remains safe and sets a good example for our students during this time.

If you have additional questions, you can call the office at 702-799-5760.

A copy of the letter that went home with students and contains this information is available here: Playground Information