Monday, August 29 is the first day of school! We are excited to begin the year with our students and their families.

Our campus will open at approximately 8:45. We welcome families to accompany their students before school every day and join us in our morning ceremony on the playground. After the opening ceremony, all campus gates will be closed and locked at around 9am.

For the first day of school, families are welcome to walk with their students to their classrooms.  At 9:10 we will announce that it is time for families to say good-bye to their students for the day. After this announcement, PTA is hosting a “Boo-Hoo!/Yahoo!” social with light refreshments in the multi-purpose room. Families who walk their students to class will be asked to exit the building through the front doors on Eldorado.

Students will be dismissed at 3:21pm. Students who do not ride the bus home will be dismissed/picked up on the playground from the same location they are dropped off in the morning.

As a reminder, the Battista parking lot is closed to all traffic between 8:40 and 9:00 in the morning and between 3:00 and 3:35 in the afternoon. This helps with the safety of students exiting and entering buses.

The entire staff of Louis Wiener, Jr. Elementary School is looking forward to a year of success for you and your children!