Picking Up Student Belongings

If you were not able to make it to Family Collection Time, you can still pick up your student’s belongings and drop off library books!

Please call the school between 7:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to set up a time. The school’s phone number is (702) 799-5760. Upon arrival to the school, call the school. Then, your student’s belongings will be placed on the bench by the flag pole and any library books will be collected.

Please be advised that belongings will be able to picked up through June 18, 2020. We anticipate belongings not picked up in June being available for pick up again in late July 2020.

2020-2021 Supply List Information

Please see the 2020-2021 Supply List for details about supplies for the upcoming school year. You will note that there are three (3) groups of supplies: homework supplies, classroom supplies, and around campus supplies.

Many families already have supplies for working on school work at home. We recommend gathering these supplies into one area for convenient use when working on homework!

The classroom list of supplies (K-5) includes supplies for individual students and supplies for the room. Please see the list for your child’s grade level in the upcoming year for specific items.

The list of supplies for moving around campus are to ensure that the amount of shared supplies is minimized as much as possible. In the past, places like the library provided supplies for students to use throughout the day. With health guidance changing regularly, we are moving toward a model of students having a dedicated pouch of supplies they can use for when they move around campus that is handy and reserved for those uses in a “grab-and-go” fashion while reducing the need for shared supplies around campus.

We recognize that having various groups of supplies is a change from previous years, and we greatly appreciate your flexibility and understanding! Don’t forget to check your child’s supplies from the current school year for supplies that can be used in the next school year.

Please continue to monitor this website and the CCSD website for information about the 2020-2021 school year throughout the summer.

2020-2021 Supply List

Report Cards Sent Via U.S. Mail (6/4/2020)

Report cards have been sent via U.S. Mail to the primary address on file in Infinite Campus. Included with the mailing will be a letter and 2020-2021 supply list (current PK-4 grades only). You can also review grades via the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. Please look for an envelope addressed to the primary address with the CCSD logo in the return address area!

Chromebooks Over The Summer

Chromebooks checked out from the school are yours to use over the summer! Don’t worry about the due date or fines…we are renewing all Chromebooks for summer and we will gather them back at a later date. Thank you for taking great care of them over the summer!

2020-2021 Immunization Information

Louis Wiener, Jr. Elementary School Parents/Guardians,

This email is being sent to all parents/guardians for information purposes only.  CCSD Immunization requirements have not changed for the 2020-2021 school year. 

You may take your child to one of the clinics below if they require immunizations for the upcoming school year. SNHD Immunization Clinics are now currently open by limited appointment Monday-Friday 8-4pm. SNHD is able to take some walk-ins depending on availability. See below for clinic locations:

Main IMM location
280 S. Decatur Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV  89109

East Las Vegas Public Health Center
570 N. Nellis Blvd, Suite D1
Las Vegas, NV 89110

Mesquite Public Health Center
830 Hafen Ln
Mesquite, NV 89027
(open Tuesdays & Thursdays only)

Happy Last Day of School! (5/20/2020)

Happy Last Day of School for the 2019-2020 School Year! This means that this is also the final day of distance learning. Parents/Guardians, please check in with your child’s teachers today if you have not done so already this week!

While faculty will be starting their summer break, students still have access to many of our online platforms over the summer. ST Math, Zearn, Khan Academy, myON, Smarty Ants, Actively Learn, typing.com, code.org, and many other resources remain available. Those students with a Chromebook on loan will be able to continue to use the Chromebook over the summer to keep their skills sharp and to learn new things.

We do not have a date for Family Collection Time at this point. Please monitor our school website for updated information over the summer.

We sincerely thank our families and faculty for doing what they can during the last quarter of the year. With the building closure, many challenges arose, and we are proud of how our community adapted and kept spirits high! We have had a fantastic school year, and we are looking forward to a great 2020-2021 school year!

The Wiener Wave – 4/29/2020 @ 5:00 P.M.

If you are available on Wednesday, April 29th from 5 to 5:45 p.m., faculty from LWJES will be lining up in their vehicles on the streets around the school to wave to families who are available to drive past the building in their vehicles.  We are calling this opportunity the Wiener Wave!  If you are not able to make it, we will have photos and video posted on our website after the event.  We hope to see you from a distance on Wednesday!

Please Click Here To Review The Informational Flyer

Distance Learning Through May 20, 2020 & Building Closed Until Further Notice

LWJES, along with all schools in Nevada, will continue to engage in distance learning through May 20, 2020, the last day of the 2019-2020 school year. While students are learning at home, summer vacation does not begin until May 21, 2020. Keep working hard!

Families, please be sure you are in regular contact with your child’s teacher weekly. This is very important for attendance purposes.

The school building is closed until further notice. Again, this does not mean learning is over for the current year. Please continue to engage in learning opportunities at home!

We will continue to provide information as actionable information becomes available. Plans for closing out the school year, including how to return library books, how to collect personal belongings from school, and recognition ideas are included in plans that will be forthcoming.

We appreciate the flexibility and patience from all our stakeholders during this time of school building closure! Thank you to our families and faculty for doing what they can to make this time meaningful and motivating for students to grow and be successful.